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Affiliate Partners

PDX HIVE partners with vetted service provider affiliates to offer multiple real estate services, to make things easy for you and hassle-free for your clients. 

Accessory Dwelling logo.png

ADU Eligibility Score
Our affiliate, Kol Peterson, offers a benchmarking tool to help homebuyers assess the potential for an Accessory Dwelling Unit. If you are looking to make your home an income-generating asset, start with an ADU Eligibility Score! Learn more.


Residentia Radon logo

Radon Testing

Our radon technician affiliate, Residential Radon LLC, uses calibrated continuous radon monitors (CRM) for a 48 hour period. When testing is complete, you will receive a detailed report on site that shows hourly measurements as well as the average radon level in your home. Learn more.

48 Hour Inspection logo

Sewer Scope
Our sewer scope affiliate, 48 Hour Inspection, conducts a thorough video examination of your sewer line to identify root infiltration, pipe separation, fractured pipes, and blockages. After the inspection, you will receive a summary report as well as a video link with audio narrative describing the scope. Learn more

Rush Locates logo

Oil Tank Location

Our oil tank location affiliate, Rush Locates, specializes in searching for underground Heating Oil Tanks. With years of experience decommissioning and locating heating oil tanks, Rush Locates can provide a high quality search and detailed report. Learn more.

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