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Sewer Scope Services


What is a sewer scope? 

A sewer scope is an examination of your sewer system piping to determine the current condition of your pipes. A technician will run a wire with mini-camera through your sewer pipes to check for root intrusion, holes, pooling, cracks, blockage, pipe separation, and deterioration. If an issue is identified, the technician can determine the specific depth and location of the problem. The technician will also inform you if your pipes are at-risk of future issues that can result in a sewer backup, so you can prevent a potential disaster.  A sewer scope requires access to your clean-out drain, which may be located inside your home (basement or crawlspace) or outside the property.  The technician will provide a verbal summary of findings at the end of the sewer scope and will follow-up with an email that includes a link to the video of the full sewer scope. A sewer scope inspection is recommended every 1-3 years.

Why is it important? 

Sewer repairs can be some of the most costly repairs for your home. By knowing the condition of your sewer pipes, you can address any safety concerns, budget for significant repairs, and prevent future liability when you sell the home. 

How does the process work?

Once you have scheduled an appointment, our sewer scope partner will meet you at the property at the selected time. Please plan about 1-1 1/2 hours for the assessment.

What do you do if you have serious cracks or a blockage in your sewer? You will need to schedule repairs with a specialized technician. He/she can determine what exact repairs should be done and whether you need to address a specific problem spot or replace your entire sewer line.

48 Hour Inspection, conducts an unbiased, thorough video examination of your sewer line to identify root infiltration, pipe separation, fractured pipes, and blockages. After the inspection, you will receive a summary report as well as a video link with audio narrative describing the scope. 

Standard Sewer Scope - $125
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