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1-hour CE Credit

Are you interested in getting into real estate development and are confused about zoning ordinances? Are you curious about how zoning laws work in Oregon?  Check out our new CE class!

PDX HIVE is partnering with Tim Young, from W.B Wells (an Emerio company), to offer a live webinar that will provide critical zoning information on a statewide and local level. The class will be taught in a conversational style, so come with your questions!

 Topics include:

  • Trickle Down Effect in Zoning

  • Statewide planning goals

  • Oregon Revised Statutes

  • Local Zoning Laws

  • Minimum and Maximum Density

  • Calculating Density

  • Zone Changes

  • Conforming and Nonconforming Uses

The class will be offered as a LIVE webinar and HIVE Academy will provide 1 CE credit for real estate agents.

**Once registered, you will receive a Zoom link for the webinar from PDX HIVE. 

Preferred Agents will receive priority seating!!


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