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PDX HIVE works with strategic partners to provide energy efficient home improvements to at-risk homeowners in Portland. Through the Portland Community Energy Fund (PCEF) home owners can receive significant energy upgrades including:

  • insulation

  • HVAC replacement



PDX HIVE provides project management and general contractor services for Community Based Organizations (CBOs) that receive PCEF funds for deep weatherization retrofits for their clients. When a CBO receives funding from the PCEF program, it identifies a homeowner who fits their criteria for weatherization improvements.


Once the homeowner has been selected, PDX HIVE works alongside the CBO to provide a scope of work for the program, adhering to PCEF guidelines. PDX HIVE assesses the current energy efficiency status of the home and the improvement potential. Once PCEF's Quality Assurance team has approved the scope of work, PDX HIVE serves as the project manager and general contractor throughout the project. 


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