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We offer

Home Inspections and

Home Energy Scores to help you understand your biggest investment.

  • Clear, simple reports 

  • Sharp illustrations that provide context

  • A HIVE of service providers that make it easy to get more done

 Are you frustrated by confusing reports and alarmist inspectors who aren't helpful?

We're there for you, providing the information you need to make good decisions about your home.

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We understand you have a lot of questions. With PDX HIVE, you can relax knowing you have a support team ready to walk you through it.

As Sustainable Home Professionals, we combine our home performance knowledge with our experience inspecting hundreds of homes to give you a complete picture of your home.

And if you need additional services, we've got your back with vetted affiliate partners.

Book online or give us a call.

We'll visit your home and gather all the information for your report.

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Reach out for additional service providers, insight and expertise.

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You shouldn't need an engineering degree to understand your home.


Nicole C.

Stephanie was quick to get me scheduled in a pinch, punctual service and response time!

Travis V.

Extremely professional, and took the time to answer my questions.

Ryan C.

My one-stop-shop for all aspects of my move. Not only did they connect me with an awesome realtor, they helped with a variety of inspections I needed.

Our Services

Home Energy Score

A 1-10 rating on your home's energy efficiency level, similar to an MPG rating for a car.

Home Inspection

A ten-point home inspection to evaluate the condition of your home and identify any potential issues that may come up in the future

Affiliate Services

Save time by booking multiple services at once! Schedule a floor plan, radon test, sewer scope, and more.

Schedule multiple services at the same time through our "HIVE" of affiliate partners.

  • ADU Eligibility Scores

  • Floor Plans

  • Radon Testing

  • Sewer Scopes

  • Oil Tank Location

  • Staging

  • Videography

  • Photography

New Home Owners

Real Estate Agents and Investors!

Check out HIVE Academy's new CE Class:

The Opportunity in Vacation Rentals


PDX HIVE is partnering with Suzanne Moore, from Central Oregon Investment Network to offer a live webinar that will answer your burning questions and show you how to 1) buy outside the box, 2) set up your rental to look picture perfect, and 3) optimize your rental to earn top dollar.

You'll learn:

  • The best areas to start looking for a rental in OR

  • How to access a network of resources to make it happen

  • The right people to connect with

  • What to consider when setting up your rental


The class will be taught in a conversational style, so come with your questions!


Our Reports

Home Energy Scores

Sellers need to provide simple, easy to understand home performance information for potential buyers. But home performance can be complicated. The 2-page HES report will rate your home 1-10 and provide insight into the full costs of owning a home with clear steps to reduce energy waste and save money. LEARN MORE.

Appointments are between 1-1.5 hours and reports are available same day.

City of Portland Home Energy Score

Home Inspections

We offer a thorough, ten-point home inspection to evaluate the condition of your home. We'll note any potential issues that may come up in the future with supporting photos and clear illustrations.

At the end, our ASHI trained Inspector will send you a professional, easy to read report with supporting illustrations and additional links so you can dig deeper and make informed decisions. LEARN MORE.

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